Daken Chemical Limited

About Us
Established in 2012,Website:http://www.dakentech.com, China ,Daken chemical limited , is still a young chemical synthesis and exporting company . In the end of 2013 ,we built our own laboratory and started developed new chemicals ourselves .? Daken has a research team with Doctors and Masters being the backbone, with about 10 years? experience of synthesizing Noble metal catalysts ,OLED intermediates ,Phosphine ligands ,and Silicon&Silane compounds .Our company is equipped with various types of equipments, e.g. Braun anhydrous anaerobic operating system, high temperature and high pressure reaction system, mass spectrometer, Agilent GC, Shimadzu HPLC and mass spectrometer. With the manufacturing base, our company meets series of conditions from laboratory scale, pilot magnification to industrialized production.
Products and services
Palladium LCD Silicon OLED Silane Phosphorus